bookmark_borderAn inconvenience solved

Just a minor update: Thanks to sev, who pointed me to the right place in the wine sources, I managed to solve the cursor inconvenience :).

The problem was, of course, my own damn fault; I misunderstood the nature of cursor resources. They’re not, as I assumed, plain cursors, one by one each taking up a resource entry. Instead, there are cursor groups, each capable of possessing a variable amount of cursor images. That isn’t even a quirk of NE files, it’s like that in PE files as we well, so my complaining about the executables being in that old format doesn’t apply either. Mea culpa.

bookmark_borderThe aforementioned cursor inconvenience

In the previous post, I mentioned an inconvenience with the cursors. Here’s the gist of it:

In Dark Seed II, the cursors are embedded into the resource part of the Windows 3.x (NE, “New Executable”) executable dark0001.exe. Specs are available on the Microsoft website, but they don’t quite match the executable, which claims that each cursor is only 32 byte big. Continue reading “The aforementioned cursor inconvenience”

bookmark_borderA non-gob-y Squidmas

Just on time for this blog’s first anniversary (quite scary, especially considering that there weren’t that many posts ^^) and ChristSquidmas, I come to you with a status update.

So, what have I been doing the past months? Apart from some RL stuff I’d rather not talk about, and playing Dominion (seriously, check that out, it’s really great), I didn’t do much concerning gob. Sorry. Instead, I started a new ScummVM engine, for Dark Seed II. Continue reading “A non-gob-y Squidmas”