Since a few days ago, ScummVM also supports a few BAT- and SCN-based non-interactive demos,
namely for Inca 2, Woodruff, Urban Runner and Playtoons. The interesting thing about them is that, strictly speaking, they’re not Gob-based, but are just either a BAT file that calls a small program for IMD playback; or a small interpreter for a simple SCN script with VMD playback capabilities. Either way, they practically just consist of IMD/VMD videos.
If you find a Coktel Vision demo that doesn’t yet work with the latest daily build of ScummVM, I’d be interested in getting my hands on it. 🙂

Sparked by the resulting demo exchange and discussion in #scummvm, sanguinehearts also set up an unified hosting site for demos (which we’ve been missing) and started uploading all demos already known to the team.
Similar to above, we’d like to get any yet unknown demos for ScummVM-supported games you might have.


  1. You (or sanguinehearts) should set up some kind of anon-ftp so people can submit demos. I know this can be abused, so maybe there’s a better method. Either way, I’ve got some SCI demos if you guys want them 😉

  2. Hello Alex,
    It would be great to get hold of your SCI demos, currently we are uploading what we have at the moment.
    As soon as we have everything uploaded I will figure out a way for people to submit demos.
    The only problem is that this isnt hosted on my machine, so Im not sure if the web host will take too kindly to multiple ip uploads on a regular basis.

    The reason Im not taking demos straight away is to avoid duplication, if I have multiple demos coming from multiple places things will get confusing until there is order.

    Is it possible to get a list of the SCI demos you have?
    this could make it a little easier.

    demos at <- please replace ‘at’ with @