Fascinating *eyebrow raise*

Just a quick overview of the latest developments for people interested in Fascination (I know you’re out there, you’ve been bothering me for some time now 😉 ).


I myself was never that attached to that game (I never played it and the multitude of other games seemed more…fascinating from a RE viewpoint to me), there also was the question whether ScummVM “should” support a serious, non-cartoony erotic game (though I rather ignored the game altogether instead of addresing that) and my version of Fascination crashed within the big, evil expression parser (which I’d rather not touch anymore, thank you very much 😉 ). That’s why, despite people frequently asking, ScummVM still doesn’t play it.

However, A few weeks ago, a guy by the moniker of Strangerke stepped forward and expressed interest in working on support for Fascination. Obviously, reversing a game is a long and tedious process and although a lot the ground-work has already been done, many features are still missing (let alone the bug in the expression parser), so it will still be a while until you can properly play Fascination. But you will, eventually. 🙂